Terribly long space opera

Terribly long space opera game rules Components 1 Forest board 6 House boards 6 town screens 56 player cards 6 pantheon cards 8 buildings 10 ships 30 coins 7 colonist cards 7 city figures 15 buildings (Wood, Stone, Iron, Silver) 1 summary card 24 die tiles 4 tie-breaker symbols 72 dice Object of the Game In Scythe, players assume the roles of courageous colonists in the distant lands. To succeed in colonization, they must wage harsh war against their enemies - the mighty and cruel titans. The players use these battles to gain enough colonists to build and launch ships. The titans attack each turn, invading colonists to steal colonists, trying to cripple the colonist population and gain control of the foreign colonies. The player who survives the conflict in the most profitable colony eventually wins the game. The more colonists a player owns, the more victory points he scores at the end of the game. When players produce workers and trade resources, players will always earn victory points. In Scythe, players use the ronin award system, where the player has an initial number of victory points at the beginning of the game and is rewarded for the highest number of reached victory points. After the first game is over, players continue scoring victory points until the player with the highest total wins. Game Play Each turn consists of the following three phases: Scoring Phase Work Phase Taxing Phase End of the Game 1. Scoring Phase To score, a player who controls at least 1 alien ship must end his turn, or spend 1 brown die. If no player controls at least 1 ship, the player continues his turn. Each turn, the player uses one of the following actions to gain the victory points indicated in the die showing his ship's current position on the board: Pass - This allows the player to take the next action. Pass - This allows the player to proceed to the next action. Take - The player does nothing during the game. This card is discarded after being used. 2. Work Phase The players move workers between the town screens . For each worker, the player may move the workers depicted on the town screen to any open spaces on the forest board. If he does, he must also spend 1 coin. Then, he must perform one of the following actions: Build - The player can build one or more houses on any of the available houses (both houses and colony). Tax - The player may transfer 1 worker from any of his ships to his tax booth After the last worker has been placed on a screen and taken, players reveal their workers once again and the next turn begins. III. Tax Phase After moving workers to each screens, the players pay taxes (grey coins). As their first action, each player takes 3 red coins. As the taxes increase, the player must pay more. Then, each player gets 1 brown die to mark his status in the tax booth. The tax booth reveals the new taxes (the player pays what is shown on the die). At the end of the game, players must pay taxes each time they gain victory points from a colony. Play...

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