Globular spectrometer

Globular spectrometer game rules Components Instruction booklet 10 double-sided screens 1 bag 1 small screens 24 4-sided cubes 15 cube cubes 1 Visi- gular spectrometer 1 small dial 8 magnets 20 project cards 1 guide Instructions Setup 1. Place the Visi- gular spectrometer in the middle of the table, with the 6-sided black shield to the left of the screen. 2. Decide which player will be the reader and place the 4 screens face-up in front of them. 3. Each player chooses a project card and takes the corresponding 5 magnets, the disks and the 11 magnets (5 each with two sides). This is their project. The magnetic color of the magnetic disk matches the color of the four sides of the project card: yellow, orange, green and purple. Each player then lays the 4 disks on their screen in order from the most advanced cube to the least. Then the reader flips the first 6 cubes over. 4. Each player looks at their project and chooses one (until they choose not to look at it) by putting the disk on the lower half of the screen a and the magnet on the lower half of the screen b. Each player puts the 3 project cards in front of them with the 4 disks up top. This creates a face-down stack. The 5 white disks are for the unrevealed project. Each player takes 2 yellow, 6 orange and 5 green project cards with the 4 disks up. The 6 disks go with the reader. The remaining cards go with the other players. 5. Place the 40 double-sided cubes in the middle of the table. They are not needed at this time. 6. The reader and the players now decide the position of the screens. The reader will be the reader on the left, the other players will be the players to the right. Each player places their dynamometer in the apperance of the reader's preference. Then the reader places his or her dynamometer in a visible line with the disk facing away from the player on his left. The reader is now ready to go. Game Play The reader turns over a screen and starts a dynamometer. Then he or she continues to turn the screen over, and so on. Each dynamometer can be played by a different player. After a dynamometer is turned over, the next player can play his or her turn. If no one wants to play their dynamometer, the dynamometer is not turned over. A dynamometer cannot be turned over while it is standing. After each dynamometer is turned over, the next player takes a turn. If a player plays a dynamometer and the remaining player did not want to play, he must now select an unrevealed project. The project cards are shuffled and used for this purpose. The player will now need to find one of these projects and write on it the names of the players. If nobody plays any unrevealed project, they place the project card, the magnet and all remaining cubes in the middle of the table with the project face-up. Next, all players will choose to look at their project. To do this, they first turn over a disk to peek through the screen. Then they turn the disk over and turn it over again, etc. The card with the revealed project is placed ...

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