Inflatable Friend

Inflatable Friend game rules Components 20 x the numbered Topic cards56 x Empty Topic cards61 x Questions Card background question-card frontback cover cardback back cover cardShowcase cardmatcherboardResource tokensInstructions Object of the Game The Object of the Game To outwit your friend by asking him questions on topics of interest. Setup Shuffle the Topic cards and place them face-down on the playing surface. You may look at the back side of the Topic cards to make sure the answers and the topics don't overlap. Place the back cover of the card in the center of the table. The questions card is on the back side of the card. Each player chooses a color and takes the four Question cards of that color and the Matcher board. Place the resource tokens on the table in a pile next to the Matcher board. Note: Before the first game, carefully remove the Thick Label sticker from the back of the Question card. Game Play 1 Choose a Topic Select a Topic from among those listed on the back side of the Topic carousel card. You must choose a Topic. There is a pattern that always appears on topics and on Topic cards (with no Topic numbers)... Example: The first Topic you choose might look something like this: William has pictures of some horses on his topic board. 2 Add The Topic Cards The numbers on the back of the Topic cards show the numbers of the Topic you need to meet to ask the question. You choose the number of the Topic and place the Question card with the number of the Topic in the upper part of the Question card. The Matcherboard will indicate the space for the Question card that is up. Place the Matcherboard on a level surface (not so that the answers of the other players overlap the covered cards). 3 Draw Topic Cards After placing the Question card for your Topic in the space above the Matcherboard, take the topmost Topic card from the Topic carousel and read it aloud to the group. The Topic card shows all the answers you can ask the Topic and points to how to score the ques- tion. 4 Draw an Answer Card In similar fashion, you take the Topic card for your Topic and place it face-down in the space above the Matcherboard. 5 Add Answers Read the answer that is on the Answer card from the top of the Topic card to everyone. All players now must try to identify the answer in order to claim an Answer card from the center. The player who wrote the answer on the Topic card, may take an Answer card from the center and decide who it is that it relates to. You may not add the answer directly to the Topic card without first asking the questioner and then reading the answer. Only a person can take an Answer card if they are willing to reveal to the rest of the players an answer that matches the answer on the Topic card they wrote. If an answer is falsely claimed, the player that wrote the answer loses an answer card. The questioner must close his/her eyes during this action to "help balance" the information being given. 6 Ask the Question All players ask...

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