Driver's Test

Driver's Test game rules During the game players will manage the fleets of the various players who try to profit from it by trading goods. They will also try to take control of important district spaces which will allow them to declare, at least at the beginning of the game, victory over their rivals. The winner will earn the title of "Master Trader", an award which will be of great help to him during the final rounds of the game. Components 5 Fleet districts 22 ship tokens 1 Overview card Game Elements Game board with 5 Differentized Areas (Gray area): Players will start the game with 25 sailors. In the future they will have 5 sailors, but in the beginning they will always have fewer. At the end of the game the sailors are totaled: the ones left over must be placed in the reserve. Starting with the 5 districts with 1 sailor each, each player receives 5 sailors from the reserve. The player who has the fewest sailors in the reserve earns 5 victory points. Districts The district is composed of 5 sepa- rate spaces. A player's own harbor or a district is adjacent to a district of the opponent's harbor. Hexes, bullwhips, spies, gold, silver, bricks and spices are separated from each other by a horizontal line. (By a "1" on all sides). Beginning with the master trader (the player with the most sailors in his reserve) and going clockwise around the table, each player starts one hand (1 hand during the first round) on any district in his reserve. When he has placed all his sailors from his reserve onto a district, he flips over the 4 adjacent district cards (represented by a background color) and places them face up beside the game board. Each district has its own set of building cards with a tile and 4 resource cubes. The building cards depict specific income types. The income types are:. The 4 tiles are only used for rolling bonuses (an income of 4 for being part of a wall). These bonus tiles are removed from the game at the end of the game. Hits The game is played over 5 game roun- tals, which are interchanged each round. The starting player takes the topmost district from the deck. From that, he draws a new district from the deck and places it next to the previous one (the order of play is immediately followed). The district with the highest income is taken by the player. After the new district has been drawn, all other players will take turns placing sailors from their hands onto the new district. The player with the most sailors places his sailors. Then all the other players place one of their sailors onto each of the new district cards. After all players have placed sailors, each player takes 1 resource cube from the supply and adds it to his warehouse. The total number of sailors placed in a district is the revenue level of that district (e.g., a district with 4 sailors would have its revenue level be 3). A district's revenue level may be further increased by allowing bonus tiles for it. The newly placed sailors are added to the 3 unused (purple) resource ...

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