The Legend of Horror Rock

The Legend of Horror Rock game rules Components 50 Stories 44 New Pieces 1 Window Glass (1 with a Window Frame, with a visor) 1 Plastic Booklet (1 in Goodreads Bookshelf, 1 in the window box) Rulebook Setup 1 Select a story to play. You must have one or more stories in your collection that relate to the setting you are going to play. It is OK to have a different story in your library that relates to a different setting, such as a historical horror novel, or a TV show. If you have no stories that relate to the setting, this is not a story you are playing. 2 Place the Story Box nearby. The first time you play, carefully fold the top two rows of the Story Box together, then place the Box at the center of the table. Leave space between the Box and the Story Row for a discard pile. 3 Place the Face-Off Star on the table. 4 Randomly draw the stories from the Story Box, as if they were stories in your collection, and place them face up in front of you. Do the same with the Favorite Stories box. 5 Sort the Play Cards into decks by rating (see the page on pp. 7-9 of the game rules). Return all Play Cards with the rating face up to the box. Place the remaining cards face down on the table. 6 Remove all the cards that are rated below for the Setting and Time value and put them back in the box. 7 Place one-page booklets in each story box. Place the Player Box nearby. 8 Place the plastic Booklet of each favorite story in the window box. The extra-large printed Booklets of three favorite stories are enough for a small library. Put all Play Cards marked with in the window box back in the box. 9 Shuffle the three Favorite Stories and give one to each player. They take that book, write in their own name on the back, and give it to the person on their left, and so on. Don't let the player to your right look at the First Name & Last Name space, or at the 2 back side of each Favorite Story. The only exception to this rule is, if you are playing a game with a different Setting and Time value (such as a histori- c horror novel), you do not need to reveal your favorite story and choose one to keep. 10 Select a timekeeper. One of you writes the name of the timekeeper on the timer, and give the other player the rulebook and other information (a sticker, pencil, two Reference Cards, the flashlight). Place the timer on the table, and the player who wrote the name of the timekeeper starts it. The player to the left of the timekeeper, if it is still in the middle of a round, will go first, and play will continue clockwise. If this is your first game, we recommend getting the GameTime Inspector for the best overview of the game time. 11 Choose a number of Play Cards from the Rows below and lay them out in an ordered line in the center of the table. Randomly choose a number of Favorite Stories in each story box (draw the corresponding boxes in the other boxes) and place them face up in front of you. Put all Play Cards marked with in the window box back in the box. Note: We recommend 10 Play Cards f...

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