Capture the Flag

Capture the Flag game rules There are a number of ways you can capture the Flag. All capture tokens and markers have a scoring value which is used to determine the round in which the mission is executed. At the end of the game, the player who holds the most victory points on the Event track wins the mission and the phase. Important: in some missions, other options may exist in addition to "Capture the Flag". At the start of a round, remove all movement tokens and markers from the board. Then, in any order (without going through all the markers), the team that is defending the Flag may draw or discard down to their hand size. To draw or discard, draw one card and then place it in front of you in a display face up. Your team chooses one card to play and you can play the card even if it's already in your hand. If your team can play the card and take control of the Flag, the game ends immediately. Note that the Flag stays in the same place throughout the round and can be captured with just one capture token per roust round. Important: no team can have more than one card in front of it at a time. Players can choose to play a card from the discard pile or they can draw one. In either case, it's possible to have multiple cards in front of you. Discard and move to another space on the board Discard your turn by returning all movement tokens and markers on your marker board to their respective spaces on the board. Your team still has a card to play in this round. Move the Flag with one of your teammates If you own the Defender token, you may move the Flag with one of your teammates (either to the right or left of the team, your choice). This is allowed only during a round where all players have a 5 on their team sheet. It is not possible to move the Flag to your base. The timer starts and the Flag has been moved from its current position. If your team manages to successfully capture the Flag, then the round continues. Play continues with the next player on your team on the Flag movement track. I.e. you cannot move it back. Restart the timer and resume playing If you cannot draw or discard, proceed to the next round. If you cannot draw or discard, then proceed to the next round. If you cannot draw or discard, then proceed to the next round. Phase A: Victory Point Tiles The round is completed when all the mission phases have been completed successfully. Then, phase A is concluded by completing all remaining mission phases of the same phase number. Once every mission has been completed, proceed to phase B: Victory Point Tracks. VP Tokens & Victory Point Track When the game ends, it means that no player has any Victory Point tokens left. Check all the VP tokens in the draw pile and place them next to the Victory Point track. All players should keep a total of 7 VP tokens. To determine the first player to score 7 VP, count the number of identical sets of 2 dice of the same type. For example: if two sets of 2 dice from the same source are identical (circled in red), then the ...

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