Open door presbyterian church

Open door presbyterian church game rules Object of the Game To be the player to gain the most Church Points during the 10 Rounds of play. Players begin by choosing one of the two strategies for this game. After the last round is completed, each player scores the points indicated in the card. The winner is the player who has accumulated the most points. Game Play To begin a Round, roll both dice simultaneously, to reveal two different face-up churches. Place one face up in each row. The other church should be face up in each column. After one Round is completed, each player takes the corresponding cards, and places them face down in front of him. In clockwise order from the starting player, each player should place one card face up into the starting Church Row, and the other one face up into the Church Column. If a player takes a card from the top of any player's hand, that player now takes any card from the bottom of any player's hand, and places it face down in front of him. Players continue taking cards in clockwise or counterclockwise order until all Church Cards are used. End of the Game The game ends after the 10th Round. Each player totals the points on all his cards: the total Church Points, and the total points obtained from the two strategies. The player with the highest total points wins! If there is a tie for the highest total points, then the player with the most empty spaces in a column wins. If there is still a tie, the players share the victory....

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