death at every bend

death at every bend game rules). These penalties are multiplicatively increased by 1 for each damper of that color connected to the last bend. When an instant tile is flipped over, but the corresponding breakpoint has not been reached, flip the card face down and continue playing the current scenario. End of the Game Once the last turn card has been taken and the 4 instant tiles have been flipped, the game ends immediately. Players keep scoring points until the end-of-game scoring card has been drawn. Note: The game is not played to a predetermined length! Each player must finish a turn with their six instant tiles in hand, regardless of how many turns later that turn was. After the first player has completed his/her turn, the round progresses clockwise and the current scenario begins. Players may use instant tiles on alternate turns if they wish. Scoring Rounds 1. Trajectory The player with the most points is the winner. 2. Resolution of End of Game After determining the winner, players exchange scoring cards to determine the player with the most points. Ties are considered to be evenly split and scored with the full weight of the instant tiles. The player with the most points is awarded the Dams Award. Lose a Dam Card If any instant tile is flipped over after any future bend on the board that is not connected to any future bend game rules, that player must lose a Dam card from his/her hand and draw a new one. Special Rotation The timeline tile is a character in the timeline and makes all of the movement that can be done in the current timeline timeline possible. At any point during the timeline a player may switch between the current timeline and any alternate timeline by flipping the timeline tile over to an alternate one....

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