Devil May Not Be Special

Devil May Not Be Special game rules Components 72 cards 12 bonus cards Instructions Object of the Game In Devil May Be Special, players are betting on the outcome of nefarious activities. Each card has a bell-ringer bell, which tells players how many points they will score if all six suits are defeated during that round. Play ends when the bell-ringer is given the full score. The player with the highest score at the end wins! Setup Shuffle the cards and deal 8 to each player. Players look at their hand. You may look at the cards in your own hand at any time. You may look at the same card in front of you or on someone else's card but not reveal it to another player. Special Rules Players may look at their cards at any time. Players may not reveal any cards they have at any time. Players may not speak or point at each other during the game. Players may not look at the special bell-ringer or the bonus cards in their hand. Players may not give cards to others. Game Play A. Deal Cards to Players The youngest play goes first by placing a card face up next to a card they previously dealt. If there are no face-up cards left in the playing area, then players repeat this process until all the cards are face down. Then the player who last dealt a card begins a new round. The number of face-up cards dealt in a round depends on the number of players: With 2 or 3 players: 8 cards With 4 or 5 players: 7 cards With 6 or 7 players: 6 cards If a special card appears, then a new one must be dealt from the deck until the number of face-up cards remaining equals the number of players. If a special card appears more than once in the same round, these cards will be placed on top of each other in ascending order of their value from low to high. Each bonus card is worth no points and each player gets no bonus cards. End of the Game The first player to earn 40 or more points wins the game. Players may swap cards at any time without receiving new cards and then the new cards are placed face down in tatters. If a player's hand runs out before the end of the 4th round, then that player will take all the cards from the discard pile and place them in their own hand. That player should now start a new round with 8 face-up cards in their hand. If there is ever a tie for the most points, then there is a drawing of the remaining cards. If there is still a tie, then the tie-breaker is the player who currently holds the most cards at the end of the 4th round....

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