Bing Bong Big Dong

Bing Bong Big Dong game rules Components 7 round black plastic game board 1 wooden base 3 small plastic airships 1 large plastic ship 1 rulebook Object of the Game The youngest player goes first. The player who gets all his ships before the end of the game wins! Setup Before the first game, carefully clean the game base with a damp cloth, and put it in the middle of the table. Then shuffle the 7 decks of 7 cards and lay them out in a row on the table. These 7 decks are called the draw deck. Each player takes: one of each of the 7 colored ships (black, blue, green, pink, purple, yellow) one of each of the 3 colored ships (black, blue, green, pink, purple) one of each of the 4 colored bases (black, blue, green, pink, purple) Sort the 7 colored base pieces by color and place them in separate stacks of 10 each in the 4 marked spaces along the bottom of the game board (order of the stacks is important). Next to the draw deck, all players place their 9 yellow stars in the space marked "2 stars". Place the gavel and base pieces in the middle of the table within easy reach of all players. Game Play Game Play is carried out in clockwise order. At the beginning of each round, before anyone places any of their ships on the game board, all players secretly choose 1 of the 6 spaces on the game board that may be available for placing a ship (see diagram on the right). All players simultaneously take their ships and put them on the space in which they were chosen. To indicate which space the chosen space can be placed, the number 2 on the ship indicates which kind of ship can be placed there. The ships that are already on the game board and are still available to be placed are turned over and placed back on their designated spaces. If the chosen space cannot be placed on the game board because there are not enough available spots on the game board, no ships can be placed there. Players must always place their ships directly above the space with their base. For this reason, players try to place from their smaller ships on the most visible empty square in the row in front of their ship. The 5 bold stars (showing the 10 ships) indicate how many star points are added to the total score for placing a ship that can be clearly seen. After all players have placed their ships, the player who placed the most ships on the board will begin the round by placing a ship on the board. If it is the next player's turn, he will either place a ship or pass. The Game Board The game board is divided into two rows, the 3 "columns" and the 4 "rows". There are 7 rows and 2 columns, so that only the 3 columns will be available for the first round of play. The 3 columns can be placed together, though only in numerical order. In order to use these columns, one player must place a ship on the square in front of the column in numerical order (starting with the star that represents the highest number on the 3rd column). The 5 dots in the 2nd column indicate this requirement. The star indicated by the 2...

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