Space Explorers Moon Club

Space Explorers Moon Club game rules Components 1 Main Board 8 Player Screens 8 Earth Figures 1 Round Marker 16 Player Figures 48 Planet Figures Rulebook Setup Place the Main Board in the center of the table. Place the Round Marker in the space where the round tracker is pointing. Each player chooses a color and takes the Planet Figure matching the color of the marker. There are two black and two green Planet Figures in the game. Place the unused Planet Figure in the box. Sort the Earth Figures by color to make three sets of 3: blue, red, and green. Shuffle each set and put the three sets face down in front of the players. Select a Starting Player and give him the Round Marker. The Starting Player randomly chooses one of the dice. This die must be placed with the side showing the location indicated in the Design a Planet Area section of the Starting Player's Player Screen. The Starting Player places the dice in the space shown on the Round Marker. The Starting Player places the remaining dice in the box. The Sta. Huachuca Bank The Sta. Huachuca Bank holds 2 million Cubes. Every 2 million won (about $10,000) is deposited to the Bank. Game Play Each round is divided into two phases: Exploration and Resolve Events. Each of the four phases of a round is divided into turns. When a player completes a circle of cubes (or passes), he moves his turn marker on the Round Marker to the next space on the round track. (See chart for details). Then proceed to phase B. The round track shows the number of spaces that must be filled before the next player is moved onto the next space. Each space will be filled by any number of Exploration Points (EP). There are four types of Exploration Points: The AP symbol on an individual earth or moon figure shows the number of points a player may add to his or her score. The AP symbol on a planet or moon figure shows the number of points an earth or moon figure may add to its score. The AP symbol on an individual player figure shows the number of points that player m can add to his or her score. The D-pad is available to the players during the game. Turn Overview Phase A: Exploration Important: You must complete one circle of cubes before you can play. The circles must be filled before you can remove and discard from the game earth or moon figures. At the end of the first round, at least one player will not be able to complete a circle because all of the Earth or Moon figures have passed. Players cannot "cut out" another player's circle of cubes. Phase B: Resolve Events Important: At the end of the first round, all players must pass before beginning Phase C. This is the final phase of a round. Once you have all the cubes in your round circle and have scored all points scored this round, the next player clockwise clockwise in clockwise order takes his or her turn. Proceed to Phase C. Important: If at any time during your turn you need to refill the spaces on the round track or remove a cube from the game, continue to the next phase until yo...

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