Mystery Weapon

Mystery Weapon game rules Each player has a variety of secrets and suspiciously small items. As the story progresses, players will discover who these people are. Every item has a different description in the scenario book, so to help your players take notes on the clues. Setup Place the deck of 80 items, one at a time, face down near the top of the building. Each player receives a small, wooden cube of each item color, which is placed on the 'gathering spot' of his or her character card. The 20 event cards, grouped according to their front and back, are shuffled together and placed face down beside the building to form the event deck. Create a game board Choose a number of players equal to the number of players in the game (e.g. 15 players). Each player receives two wooden cubes of his or her color, which he or she places in front of his or her character card. Once the last player has placed his or her cubes, he or she shuffles the event deck and shuffles the other event cards together to form the event decoder (Fig. 1). Note: Before playing Mystery Weapons, carefully remove the two barrel tokens from the bottom of the event deck. Then, use a small screwdriver to place the barrel next to the board. Place the card bookkeeping deck next to the building. Shuffle the city map, place the cards on their slots on the map, and then place the cards face down, transparently, below the map. These cards will be called the city deck. Separate the 10 scenario cards into two decks, as well as the randomly drawn city map, (Fig. 2) and place the deck next to the building in order to access the corresponding card side. Draw a scenario card Separate the scenario cards by scenario number and shuffle them into a deck. Place the deck next to the building to the right of the scenario cards. Place the Furies in the hidden scenario Each Furies player draws one scenario card (Fig. 3) and takes the corresponding number of dice with that number on their backs. Each Furies player places their four dice in a dice space below the Furies card, and takes the corresponding effects of the Furies on the card. Furies cards are unlimited and can be played with as many dice as needed. Example: The chapter in Fig. 4 shows four rolls of five dice. Each Furies player gets three effects from the Furies card, and places them in a space on the Furies card below the associated number. Action: Sneak Each Furies player rolls all the dice on the Furies card. They choose which ones they want to use, and from which pools. This will be done in the order shown on the Furies card. Effect: Blow Off Each Furies player places one of their dice on a location on the game board, and another on the card or on another card in the city. Example: This player chooses to place a Skull on the location "0", and takes one barrel token from the game discard stack. He or she places the die in the location that he or she rolled. Swap events One of the effects of each event card can be swapped with the one already on the event deck...

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