Wet a** p****

Wet a** p**** game rules Components p**** band Wet slapping mat small j*** token moisturizing tampons light breath spinner rubber clamps rubber ducky toy Instructions Object of the Game For each free j*** token the player scores as many points as in the 10-point pink line. Setup Remove the rubber clamps from the small hole in the band. Arrange the four fingers on the elastic band in the correct numerical order. Poke the suction cup on the center hole of the playing surface. Set the j*** tokens on the table and give each player a matching pink finger. Each player takes the wet slapping mat and puts it underneath the playing surface. Game Play Each turn players take one of two actions: 1. A** The player presses down on the pinky thumb located in front of her little pink b*** cheeks until her finger comes up. To catch her pinky the player's finger must touch the button and leave a good indentation on her pinky. The first player to achieve this is the winner. Note: If the press down does not move the finger then it does not count. 2. Wet Sticks The player lifts her pinky as much as she can to the sides and lets it hang in front of her b*** cheeks. 3. Flexing The player puts her pinky in the air and begins to stretch it. The first player to reach or cross the finish line with a number in the pink line scores as many points as in the 10-point pink line. The game continues in a clockwise direction with each new player moving her pinky. Players score points for movements only, not for touching the button. For each one that ends in a higher number of points than the last player to reach or cross the finish line the player has to rest her pinky on the mat (don't worry, it is not a dangerous move!) until it stays in place. End of the Game The player with the highest score after the 11th game is the winner. If players have a tie then the player who has not been contacted by the police wins. Tips Be careful when grabbing your c***. The first j*** on your finger will be too tight and you will not be able to get that all over the mat. Keeping your finger dry will help to protect your pinky. Use a light breath spinner to help you to keep your count....

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