Cartel game rules In the midst of the political turmoil of the 80's, El Chapo returns to the city of Guadalajara, where he is wanted by the U.S. government for crimes committed there. You are the commander of the infamous Special Operations Team (SWAT), which seeks to stop him, with the assistance of Interpol, and to facilitate his escape. In the process, you are interrupted by incidents that occur at home, while also attempting to undermine your command structure, and prevent the U.S. government from getting its hands on you. Components Game Board 16 "Household Items" cards 33 Red Safe Cards 12 Secret Service Cards 60 Bolivian I.D. Chips 5 Racketeer Deeds Cards 2 Form a New Government Deck Cards 2 Chief of Staff Cards 5 Executive Order Cards 1 Permit Cards 1 Moi Card 1 Flip-Cards Bag 1 Mapboard Rulebook Setup Before you start playing, decide on which city to move the game to. We recommend moving the game to Santiago, if possible, but if you're playing with fewer than 8 players, we strongly recom- mend players to take it upon themselves to select a new city for the game. Each player receives a round tracker (at random) and a letter of the city which they will be in. For your first game, you can set your tracker on "Santiago", if you prefer. Each card shows your influence on the city's government; use the letter of the card in parentheses to indicate your influence. Put your player aid card on the marked space on your player board; place the rest of the decks and exception cards in a pile in the bottom-left of your player board, within easy reach of everyone. Each player receives 3 mons, 8 OP, and 16 CL. For the Secret Service, remove all 15 cards from the deck and place them, face-down, in the deck bag. Shuffle all remaining decks and put it face-down in the deck bag. Place the mapboard next to your player board and put the 3 random Threat cards in separate piles next to it, as well as any Crisis cards. Draw the top Threat card and place it in the same spot as the 3 rangs of the mapboard, next to the Escobar faction. Shuffle all remaining cards and put them face down on the spot marked "Deal with Threat". Give the Secret Service a Housekeeping card, which they put next to the deck. Shuffle all remaining cards and put them face down on the spot marked "Secret Service". Give the Interpol a Chief of Staff card, which they put next to the deck. Deal an Interpol card to the Chief of Staff. Depending on your number of players, the card used to draw the top Threat card will either be a Crank, which is worthless, or a Brute, which is worth a number of points depending on the card, depending on the background color. Add the 5 Racketeer Deeds cards, 9 Secret Service cards, and 3 Form a New Government cards to the game. Lay out the 4 City Plans on the table. They should be grouped together by color and on their spaces on the map. You will need these in your last turn as well. For the Secret Service's version of the game, players only have to deal 3 ca...

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