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Name your Boardgame game rules The players must choose a player to be the Dealer for the first game and the winner of the final game. The Dealer is responsible for keeping the cards in a box as they are played, and the Dealer also chooses the second player to be the Freezer card Holder. The amount of Fatness and Evil the players can enjoy is determined by the number of players. One player can have more Fatness or more Evil than the other, but don't worry. In the end, the only thing that counts is the number of your players! Game Components 25 Cardboard Fatigue Tokens 12 Token Boxes 22 Black Cards 20 White Cards 16 Entrance Cards 26 Dice 1 Black "Founder's Marker" Token 1 White "Founder's Marker" Token These components are used only in the first two games of these rules. The 3-part "Advance" part of each player's cardholders allows them to resolve the actions that they didn't have access to previously. You can use these parts interchangeably. Player Boards Each player's board represents a Settlement, with all of its inhabitants and assets. You must place your board on a vacant space on the board. Each player's board shows the "Owner" card, a seal around the Initiative and Level space of the board, the Bonus space and location of the Player Board Tokens, and the Initiative and Level space of the Bonus Board. There are also "+" and "-" stickers on the number 4 space of the board. This represents the maximum Progress the players can accumulate. Setup Each player receives a board in the color of their choice, and the associated token box. Sort the Fatigue tokens (and dice) according to their backs into piles according to the level of the game. Place these piles in the middle of the table. For your first game, use 5 Fatigue tokens, for your second game, use 7 Fatigue tokens, and for the final game use 12 Fatigue tokens. Place the bonus board space and the Bonus Board Tokens in the center of the table. Choose a starting player by consensus and give that player the "2" starting player token. ETA (and a reminder when it's EASTER to use it) is immediately shown. The Dealer The Dealer begins. The Dealer must take the top card of each Fatigue token stack. Then, he or she draws the top card from each pile and places it face down in the middle of the table. Then the Dealer rotates the matching colored Fatigue token in the top right corner to match the color of the top card. Note: To reduce the chance of the dice showing the "Founder's Marker" during setup, take the Starting Player marker off before rotating the tiles. The Trader The Trader receives the top card from each Fatigue token stack. The Trader does this by rolling all of the dice, ignoring any "Founder's Markers" placed in the dice window during setup. Note: The disc in the green box indicates a given point on the log of the player who has just taken the first turn. Once all players have taken their first turn, the Trader flips over the top Fatigue token stack. This token is now available for purchase. Locations ...

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