Music Ally

Music Ally game rules You play the role of a wise mystic trying to protect your people. Yet something is awry in your homeland. Magic is spreading like crazy, and it is said that the People of the Mountain have awakened from their slumber and are starting to wreak havoc throughout your land. To prevent such a catastrophe from taking place, you must resolve a series of Rituals to achieve everlasting peace. Components 1 mapboard 54 Strength tokens 60 Level 2 cards 20 Level 3 cards 20 Level 4 cards 1 token holder 1 example face-up card with a symbol of the People of the Mountain 6 plastic gameboards with power connectors 1 figure of an unknown Age 4 green Stones 6 orange Stones 1 magic station 4 Followers 30 black hexagonal tokens 2 Vision stones 1 Town Hall token 32 skull cards (8 of each color) 9 Level 1 cards 37 Level 2 cards 10 Level 3 cards Instructions Object of the Game The players are divided into three player teams. One team always starts the game with all their Strength tokens at 0, the other has their strength value of multiplied by 5, and the third has their strength value of multiplied by 10. The team with the strongest total is the winner. Setup Place the mapboard (Tantrix) in the middle of the table. Place the level 2 cards (stage 4) on the brown spots. Place the Level 3 cards (stage 5) on the blue spots. Take the four Followers, place one on the Level 1 card on the "1" spot (red circles), and place another one on the Level 2 card on the "1" spot (white circles). Place the Vision stones on the appropriate spaces. Take the skull cards. Each player places his or her Followers on the following spots on the map: The Elder Sign Hexagon Stage 1 cards The Sacred Stones The Town Hall Each player, in turn, places one of his or her Followers on the second hexagon on the map (previous hexagon on the map is considered "historical"). The fourth player gets an extra turn (thus gaining one more turn than the other players). The game starts with a starting player (who takes tints 2-5). The red-oriented player goes first and take a turn in the left hexagon at a time until everyone else has done so. When the Elder Sign is used, the starting player moves one step to the right. Note: The Elder Sign is not a Ritual! Game Play Choose a starting player. Then, the starting player takes a color with a dot on one of the levels that shows a skull symbol (Level 1, Level 2, Level 3, etc). The starting player chooses a hexagon and keeps that hexagon until the end of his or her turn. The starting player may not pass his or her turn to the player on his or her left. (The starting player may use the same colored hexagon several times). When the Elder Sign is used, the starting player may use a hexagon twice (step back). Play proceeds in clockwise order. When all players have done so, the current player passes. Then, starting with the player on the right, each player takes one level 1 card. After the first player, continue in clockwise order. Draws Once all players h...

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