Eat Chips & Dice

Eat Chips & Dice game rules Components 210 dice 5 scoring markers 15 battle tokens 1 sand timer Setup Each player takes a battle token of the same color (matching player color), and places it on their home field. Randomly determine first player. If more than one player wishes to play, each player chooses a single player to go first. (If playing with fewer than five players, choose randomly to go first). Before the first player begins, the player to their right (clockwise) takes a battle token of their own color. Once the sand timer has run out, the battle tokens are shuffled and placed face down next to the home field. After the first player has determined who will go first, all players take matching dice and set them aside. Note: A single yellow, blue, and green piece has a matching color. Do not shuffle them together until they are flipped over. Note: Players may not look at their dice or battle tokens. Game Play Battle tokens are treated as pawns, and may be moved and set free on your home field in any direction by the player that controls that piece. The following rules apply to all players playing with dice: You may have as many pawns and/or battle tokens on the board at any time (even if you are not the first player). Players may NOT flip their pawns and/or battle tokens on their own home field. If a player controls more than one piece of a color on a home field, they may move and set up multiple pawns and/or battle tokens on the same home field at any time. It is legal to move and set up a piece, even if it is the first piece of a color controlled by another player. Players may NOT move and set up multiple pieces of the same color. Move Pieces If you control a battle token on a colored home field, you may choose to move your battle token to any corner of your home field by paying any number of battle tokens. This may be done up to three times. Once you have chosen to move your battle token, add it to your own collection of battle tokens by moving it from your p*** to a edge of your home field. Battle Tokens Cannot Fall Off Home Fields Any time a battle token falls off your home field, it stays on your home field. If you later want to use a piece to start a new battle, use the last p*** on a white piece in the corner of your home field. Battle Tokens may not be Controlled If you choose to control a piece of a color that you don't control, you are considered to control it. You may not move it onto a home field with your own p*** or battle token. Tip: When you move your own piece, put it on top of any battle token already on a home field. This means that you control both sides of the battle. Set Up Battle Tokens Beginning with the first player and moving clockwise, each player may set up any number of their pawns on a side of their home field, along the side that matches the color of their battle token. Players may not set up a battle token on the home field of another player. Game Turn During their turn, the first player, going clockwise, wil...

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