Nagoya game rules. Players take on the roles of citizens of Nagoya who are trying to avoid being killed by the influential Shinto group during a ceremony at the local shrine. To gain support, they can either hunt down the Shogun Clan members or make them do horrible things. In Nagoya, you try to save the city and save the nagaya - and you don't have a big choice. Components 1 Board 6 Action Boards 6 Bases 6 Shrine Mats 24 Prestige Tokens 26 City Markers 1 Shogun Mat 16 Police Officers 22 Dog Tokens 32 Power Cards 18 Action Cards 4 Mats for the Shinto Figures 42 Arakawa Action Cards 29 Ishida Action Cards 50 Port/Ship Cards 1 First Player marker Setup Lay out the City Mat and the Arakawa Action Card as shown in the image below: Place the Nobles, Police Officers, and Power Cards near the board. Place the Shinto Figures and all of the Dog Tokens nearby. Place the Action Cards, the Shrine Mats, the Prestige Tokens, and the 24 Prestige Tokens next to the board. Shuffle the 6 Action Boards and evenly distribute them out, face up, to each player. These are your Action Boards. You may look at them, but keep them secret from other players. Deal 6 different Action Cards face down to each player. You can look at your own Action Boards, but keep them secret from other players. You are now ready to begin! Game Play Nagoya is played in rounds, each of which consists of 3 phases. At the beginning of a round, each player chooses one of the 7 setup actions and executes the corresponding step. The step consists of drawing a card from the top of the Action Board deck and placing it on one of the 6 face-up Action spaces. In case of a tie, players vote for which step they prefer. After all players have taken their turn, all players prepare their Action Boards, keeping them hidden from other players. Starting a new round starts with Phase 1: Setup, then players proceed to phase 2: Harvest, and then Phase 3: Actions, in the following order. 1. Setup Take the top Action Board from th A Player selects the Setup action on his Action Board. This action provides that player with one unique, one-use ability. The use of this ability is not limited to one action per round. Players can even choose the order of actions. When a Player chooses this Action, he must place the chosen Action Board on a face-up space on his Action Board. The blue Action Board has 1 uses. The white Action Board has 2 uses, and the yellow Action Board has 3 uses. When a player selects the yellow one, he must discard all 3 of his Action Boards, with the result that each player gets one use of the black Action Board. 2. Harvest Each player takes 4 of his Family Members (8 in a 2- or 3-player game) and 1 Ship or Station Token from the supply and places them in the appropriate space on his Board. He keeps his remaining Family Members and Ship and Station Tokens next to his Action Board. 3. Actions To prepare his family, a player must carry out the listed steps. First, he must discard the depicted ...

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