Alcoholics Anonymous

Alcoholics Anonymous game rules Components Four alphabet cards Two set-up cards (one in each player's draw pile) Instructions Object of the Game You are an alcoholic who will pay your fellow men to visit the hay bales. When you die, you also lose. However, if you find the rules of AA helpful, you can just put that heavy beer on the top of the stack of ashes. Setup Divide into two teams. Each team gets: One cardboard playing mat One set of four alcoholic cards (a specific set will be selected after players have been invited). Two 10-second brownie-shaped tokens and one 30-second wooden cane. Place the set-up cards so that each team's cards are face-down. Players should place their 15 tokens in front of them. Teams should not look at their cards. Game Play The first team to die gets to start. The first team to call out "Samoa" starts the game. On a player's turn, he can play one of his alcoholic cards, if it is of the same color, and then either: Either place one of his tokens (carrying the brownie shape) o clockwise or Play a card from the next lower row that matches the number and color of his alcoholic card. No tokens are allowed in the middle. Players can call "Samoa" by saying "Samoa!" and then placing a token in the middle of his playing mat. After all players have called "Samoa!" and played, players each collect their 8 tokens from the middle of the table. The way to indicate a player's turn is to move the aging almanac. Each player places 1 token in the same direction: to the left or to the right. On a player's next turn, he can either: Play a card from his discard pile or Call out "Samoa!" and then place one of his tokens. There are only three cards in each player's draw pile. If you can not or do not want to play any cards, you must pass. Any player can choose to pass even if he does not want to collect a die. This can happen if the teammate being asked to take a die is also passing. Both players must have placed tokens in the same direction. Therefore, the first player places two tokens in the same direction; the second player must place one token in the same direction. You can not pass if you are asked to take the turn of a teammate who does not want to. A die cannot be moved diagonally to the other side. The number on a die shows the value of the color used. A die is always placed in the same color. The first die can only be placed in the color of its matching color on that die. Note: A die has no value if it is not moved. When a die is placed in the middle, the value does not matter. However, when a die is placed on an edge, it matters. Samoa has now called out "Slam-o!" and the first die is placed on the board. Once on the board, Samoa puts the aging almanac on his playing mat and collects a die from the center. 2. Passing When a player cannot or does not want to take a die from his playing mat, he must pass, unless he has several equal or more number of tokens on the mat. Passing allows another player to collect a die from the center. In ...

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