Potato Bingo

Potato Bingo game rules Components 80 unprinted card Setup Place the cards in a stack near the table to the left of the playing area. All players place their chips on the chip bars. Each player puts their remaining chips back into their Pots. Place the board in the middle of the table with the first chip marking the start space and the second chip marking the wall space. Object of the Game The goal is to score the most points by reaching the end of the wall when all chips are gone. Game Play The youngest player goes first and starts the game by calling out the word CHOKE and dropping the first chip into the cup. If a chip is drawn before the word CHOKE is called, the person to the left of the active player takes the chip and they can now drop it. Any time chips are dropped into the cup, players must keep playing and calling out the word. The Active Player Takes a Chip At this point the player holding the chip can drop a second chip by calling out CHOKE once more. If a player doesn't have the chip taker's current chip, they must drop their current chip, or pass. If all players have passed, take the active player's current chip and move on to the next chip. If the last chip is dropped, move onto the next chip in a clockwise direction. If the last chip is reached before all players have passed, the player holding the most chips and ability to legally drop chips will be the first to play. End of the Game When all chips are gone, play continues with the next round. If the last chip is reached, play continues with the remaining players taking turns until each player has played six chips. Players then proceed to call out a different guess to determine the winner. The player with the most points wins the game. Optional Rules In addition to the regular game play described above, call out a different guess by asking the active player to call the word CHOKE, and take the remaining chips. No Holds Barred Game If the active player has to drop a chip, there is no limit to how many guess cards may be taken by one player. For example, if two or more players have the option to guess the word GOOSEBERRY and the second chip is dropped, a game is played with one guess card instead of six....

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