Lords of small ride

Lords of small ride game rules Components 16 Stones of Power 16 Landscape Tiles 16 Roost Tokens 1 First Player token Rulebook Object of the Game The aim of Lords of small ride is to control as many domains as possible. Beginning with your roost, you must place stones to put your hand of Power on the spaces of the Landscape. Each power is associated with one Roost Tile. You can play Power directly on your Roost or put it on the Landscape as you wish, but you cannot play it on an occupied Tile. You then score the points corresponding to your Power as indicated on the corresponding Stone Tiles. The youngest player goes first, and play continues to the left. After each player has taken a turn, the first player who can lay his last Power Stone or her last Roost Token is the winner. Setup If you are playing with 1-5 players, put all of the Stones of Power back in the box. You can use them at any time in a subsequent game! In any case, separate the Landscape Tiles according to color. Shuffle the 4 face-down tiles and lay them face-up, side by side. Place all of the Landscape tiles face-down on their corresponding spaces in the middle of the table, across from each other. Place the 2 large Stone of Power on each adjacent tile. Shuffle the 8 Forest Tiles and lay them face-down next to the Forest tiles, like the other two Tiles. Place the 4 Landscape Tiles and all of the Forest tiles next to the Forest tiles, and place the 2 Roost Tokens on the Roost space on the Landscape. Randomly determine the first player. Give him the First Player token, and give him the Roost token. Separate the Power tokens by color (blue for Power 1, yellow for Power 2, green for Power 3, orange for Power 4), and lay them out so they are randomly arranged on the table. Leave enough space to shuffle the Power tokens. Scoring Players can play any combination of Power and/or Roost tokens that they wish, but Power (not Roost tokens) cannot be in the same domain as any other Power token. When you use a Power token, you must Score the points indicated by the token(s), and Move the token forward, in any direction, as many spaces as the number of spaces indicated on the token. Leave a space behind for the next player to play their last Power token. Add up the number of Power tokens you own, and move your scoring marker one space forward. Take all the Power tokens and put them back in the box, back in the box! After everyone has taken their turn, put the 4 Landscape tiles, the 8 Forest tiles, the 2 Roost Tokens, and any Power tokens in the center of the table and form a face-down pile of face-up tiles. Game Play Starting with the First Player and proceeding clockwise, each player has one turn. The number of turns varies, depending on the number of players: 1 player: 3 turns in a 5-player game 4 players: 7 turns in a 6-player game On your turn, you may play 1 or more of the following cards: Choose an existing Landscape tile and place it on any adjacent Landscape space. Important: There is no specific...

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