Dogs on Mars

Dogs on Mars game rules In Dog on Mars, you have several contracts to perform on behalf of your planetary government. Each one requires you to run errands or research. You receive a number of Victory Points (VPs) according to your success: 1 VP for completing one contract, 5 VP for completing two contracts, and 10 VP for completing three contracts. The first player to pass the starting player marker on to the next player on their left gets one VP and the second player gets two VP. When the starting player passes, the VP track becomes invalid for the rest of the game. There are 4 possibilities in which you can spend victory points on tasks: Run errands: You may perform 1 additional task and 1 additional short (place the x onto the bonus track). Research: You may perform 1 additional task and 1 additional long (place the x onto the bonus track). Overspace travel: You may perform 1 additional task and 1 additional short (place the x onto the bonus track). Bring home the top dog: You may also perform 1 additioon, (measure the VP from the checkbox above the counter on the player side of the enterprise card, plus 1 additional VP for each x on the contract). Bring Home the First Dog: During the First Dog round, the first player to possess 3 purple cubes goes first, and the first player who owns 4 of them goes second. You have to pay for all of these tasks according to your economy of resources: 1 x for each 8 Quest cards you have, and 2 x for each red cube of the type you have in the tray. Important: If you end up with fewer resources than required, you must flip your VP marker back to its starting space and pay the difference. Important: Your economy of resources decreases each round. Object of the Game Players are competing to be the first player to acquire the 4 purple cubes necessary to accomplish each contract. Whoever acquires the most of their purple cubes is the winner. Setup Take the contract deck and shuffle it. Then, shuffle the 3 red scoring cards and place them face down next to the contract deck. This deck will be used for bonus scoring in the course of the game. Give each player 1 enterprise card, placing it face up in front of them. Each player secretly chooses 1 action card from their hand, keeping it hidden from their opponent. Randomly determine who will go first, and who will play first. Game Play Choose one player to be the starting player. Give them the starting player card. The starting player takes all players in clockwise order (and so on) and places it face up in front of them. In clockwise order, the other players then take their action cards and place them face down on the card, clockwise. Then, the starting player places their card face up in front of them, face down. Each round is divided into phases. This is explained in detail below. During each phase, players will spend certain resources to perform certain tasks. The more purple cubes you possess in your storehouses, the more tasks you can perform and the greater yo...

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