The Cheese Battle

The Cheese Battle game rules When the wheels of power begin to turn and there are no more cards in the deck, place all five cards back in the box without looking at them. Put your open hand card in front of you. Choose one card of your choice from the open hand and look at it. If it's an action card, do one of two things: You get to do the card's action, by placing the card in your play area (your hand). OR You skip your turn. Draw a new action card from the deck. Note: If the deck runs out of cards, shuffle the discard pile to make a new deck. Note: Only one card may be on the board at a time. Tip: You can use some action cards to push opponents away from your own face-down cards (keeping your open hand card hidden from them). Example: Lisa plays one of her card "Take a Screen" face-up. Instead of playing an action card, she skips her turn and draws another action card from the deck. Otherwise, her opponents get to see and play all five face-down cards (she doesn't like the face-down cards). She cedes the others to her opponents, and the players reveal their cards. End of the Game At the end of the third round, the deck is empty and all players lose. The winner is the player who has the most open hands! Scoring If at least one player played his/her remaining action cards, the round ends immediately. The player who didn't play his/her remaining cards is the loser. If no player played his/her remaining cards, the player who revealed his/her remaining cards is the winner. If the decks run out of cards, the game is over. Players do not score for cards in the current deck or in the other decks (although they will score the points shown on your face-down cards). Note: Skip a turn when you are unable to play any action cards. Example: During the third round, the deck is empty. Neither Lisa nor Sal decided to play an action card, so the round ends. No player played his/her remaining cards, so Sal and Lisa each lose. Lisa and Sal both draw action cards and become the losers, en route to a thrilling showdown! End of the Game When the decks are empty and a player has lost the game, the round is over. If a player has any open hands, he/she can discard any number of cards from his/her hand to refill the empty hands shown on the board. If you discard several cards from your hand, each is worth a point at the end of the game. The winner is the player who has the most open hands (plus any cards he/she discards)....

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