Plants in space

Plants in space game rules with 20-36 players The players control the small farmers who create the foundation of the ecosystem. In space, they become experts in irrigation, crop cultivation, livestock, and knowledge transfer. The game is divided into five phases, divided into five seasons. Planting Phase All players: During each of the five seasons, players place 4 plows on a row of landscape tiles. Plows have three attributes that can be used by the players. In turn order, the following attributes are used: Plant Harvest Construction of two houses Destruction of the blocks of forest and stones in the landscape Reduce plant growth Only farmers can place their plows in the phase. If a player owns a lumbermill, he must place his plows. At the end of the season, the same players who placed their plows in the current season will have the opportunity to either continue to play or their turn ends. 1. Plowing Phase In the first and second seasons, planting is compulsory. A player must place a plow onto one of th clearcut spaces. The player has to carry out the following tasks: Choose a 1 -square space that he can place his plow onto Roll the die. If the die shows green (lit), the player must place his plow on the green square space (plow is disabled). The following has to be carried out: Reduce the value of the die by 1 - to the minimum value printed on the plow die. The tile to be plowed has to be marked by a roll of the die (rounded down). Then, the player places his plow on the tile he chose. This green space must be marked by a red die (lit) and to be considered blocked. Placing only the first clearcut spaces (Phase I) is allowed in winter, when the landscape tiles are covered with snowy terrain and winter weather. For other seasons, players are not allowed to place their plows during the planting phase. As in the earlier seasons, only farmers may place their plows in the planting phase. If the dice roll green when the desired land area is filled, the player plays the tile correspon- dently. This means that the player may place one of his plows on the chosen tile. In this case, the plow is disabled and the player has to make use of the matching attribute again for the planting phase (see below). The newly placed plows have to be placed exactly the same as if they were placed onto the chosen tile. The new plows (the disabled ones) have to be placed exactly where the disabled ones had been placed during the placement phase. 2. Harvest Phase This phase is played simultaneously with the plowing phase. As in the plowing phase, only farmers may place their plows in the harvesting phase. A player may place his plows on a 1 -square space. This is th forest as usual, but this space must be marked by a red die (lit) and blocked. He then discards the selected forest tile and adds 1 wood to his stock. The next season, the players can see how much wood the players have left, i.e., the total value of wood in the players' stock. 3. Harvesting Phase This phase is played sim...

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