Secret Spaghetti Club

Secret Spaghetti Club game rules In Spaghetti Club, you compete with your friends and family members to provide the most delicious noodles for them to enjoy. At the end of the game, each player will receive bonus points for the foods they've prepared, including a Golden Spaghetti bowl for each of their spoons with at least 1 point. Components 1 Board (white) 60 Spoons (60 red, 30 green, 10 blue) 1 Tournament Board 1 Round Marker (red) 1 Starter Board (green) 1 Note Pad 1 Spaghetti Deck 1 Bowl 1 Scorepad Instructions Setup Give each player: one of each spoon color. one of each number (1-5) Game Play Starting with the last player and going clockwise, each player chooses a player color and takes the Bowl. The first player starts by flipping over the upper half of the Tournament Board and rolling it with the spinner. The Scorekeeper The Scorekeeper places the Round Marker and the Scorepad so that all players can see how many points each player will receive for their spoons (rounds). There are no points if the of the Round Marker doesn't line up with the "+" of the Scorepad. The Round Marker The round starts with the Scorekeeper and continues clockwise. At the end of each round, the Scorekeeper chooses one Spinner Score to keep and places it in the leftmost marked space of the Scorepad. Play continues clockwise, with players choosing a Spinner Score. When a player loses their last spoon, it is removed from the game. When no one has any spoons left to spend, the Scoring Marker is turned to its "0" side, and players keep going. The Contestants All players receive 1 of their three spoons as a reward for each and every one of their selected spoons. Place the rest of your unused spoons aside. Each player takes their three spoons and places them face up on the table, in front of them, to form their Spaghetti Deck. The first player to collect enough to equal or exceed the total number of spoons from the competing players scores 2 bonus points and gets to start a new round. If two players are tied for first, the player who has the best spoons is awarded the First Choice Award. After a player has collected 3 or more spoons, they place their Spaghetti Deck face down on the table, off to the side of their bowl. Each player now chooses a Bowl color and receives 2 spoons of that color. The player taking their turn is called the Discarder. Each player can now take a turn. Game Play Discard & Take Spoons If a player passes during their turn, they must take a spoon from the player who passed and return it to the bottom of their Spaghetti Deck. If you pass a third time, you must take one of your two extra spoons. After you have taken your Spoons, place one of your unused spoons face up on the table, off to the side of your bowl. You keep your unused spoons for the next round. Round Marker If all players have passed during the same turn, the Discarder takes one spoon from the other players and moves the Round Marker one space forward. You may not stop in a spot that would af...

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